anako’architecture - Souviron hut conversion, St. Martin, Switzerland

photos: Thomas Jantscher

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Clement Valla Postcards from Google Earth

Postcards from Google Earth, series by Clement Valla was part of the Images festival in Vevey this year. Clement Valla was born in 1971 he lives and works in Brooklyn. He has trained  both as an architect and a designer. Valla collects screen shots from Google Earth showing various places photographed by satellite (roads, bridges and dams). Some structures that are difficult for software to interpret, give a distorted impression, closely embracing the Earth’s surface. Postcards from Google Earth presents a computerised adaptation of the world highlighting the program’s digital errors. Festival Images is displaying this series at Place Scanavin, on platforms of different levels, from which festival goers can appreciate the vertigo and paradoxes that this computerised vision of our Earth’s surface offers.

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The Streaked Skies of  by Shane McAdams

Some art is lit from within.  These landscapes created with ballpoint pen, oil paint and resin by Shane McAdams are an ultimate example of the luminous.  Streaked skies like this make me want to hike a trail this afternoon and watch the sunset. 

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"listen i know women are getting harassed and threatened on a daily basis in this industry and it gets worse every day and that’s really bad but can we talk about corruption in games journalism" who fucking cares

who. fucking. cares.

who fucking cares if companies are buying…

so wrong

what is wrong?

everything! it’s all so… warped. who on EARTH says they don’t care about ethics? seriously? Ethics and morals are basically the same thing and, well, how can I say this? MORALS ARE IMPORTANT. bit of news here: harassment is a moral issue!
and that is only the first part I read. it makes me so sad, because not everyone who reads this might have the initiative to question and research, that’s how closed mindedness spreads :(



exultantlaughter asked:

Not all men. Yes all women! All feminists. Not all feminists. Yes all men.



No tall feminists. Maybe all men? No is no. Yes is no. Yes is maybe?